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Special thanks to all of the Booster Club members that made the Thanksgiving Dinner last night a huge success. The food was fantastic and even better it was all delicious. Enjoyed by everyone and especially all of the Ice Bears players. Location was fantastic, and set up was beyond perfect. I know everyone loved the food and the guys were able to take home lots of left over's for at least several more days of eating.  Thanks again members and now we can look forward to our next event.  Pictures from last nights event are HERE
The Christmas Menu will be posted HERE soon.  Check back to see what we will need for food.

Need special printing - check out who we use to print our annual Ice Bears Caledars.
By the way, our special Ice Bears Calendars will be available soon.
They will make great Christmas presents for Ice Bear fans.

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From the Webmaster: Sometime in 2003 I started up the Knoxville Ice Bears Booster Club web page and have kept it operational ever since. It  has evolved over the years to a lot of fans accessing it daily.

During the Hockey season, I see anywhere from 2000 to 3000 hits a day on kibbc.com.  After 12 years I am winding down and think it is time let a new webmaster take over and operate our website.  If there is anyone that is a current member of the Knoxville Ice Bears Booster Club,  and interested in taking over and operating the web page, please let me know.  It should be someone that knows how to produce and upload web page. I would like to see a sample of their web page for proof. They must have their own software to produce the page, as well as a Internet hosting server to upload the page for access by members of the Knoxville Ice Bears Booster Club and other hockey fans.

There is a listing above (IPOWER) to the hosting server that I currently use and would recommend that you give it a try. You will be responsible for setting up the web site and making payment. 1st year web servers are very inexpensive to start the first year, then they increase in cost in future years - see above for low start up cost. You will be reimbursed by the Knoxville Ice Bears Booster Club . If you have any interest in taking over and publishing the Booster Club web site, please send me an email (Webmaster listing above) along with a link to your web site (kibbc sample). Once the web sites are reviewed, one
will be selected to be the new webmaster. They will take over the site at the end of the current 2015-2016 hockey season, sometime in April 2016